Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Next Morning

What a night! I went to sleep at 2am, was sitting up in bed at 3:30am itching like crazy, took some meds, and slept until 12:30pm.
I woke up with a host of allergy problems: stopped up nose, sore throat, red and puffy eyes, hoarseness, congestion. But, all these are also symtoms of having a flu shot, which I got yesterday morning.
I am only up for a little while and then I am going back to bed for my bed rest day and to get hooked up to my feeding pump, my "steak in a bag" as my uncle puts it or my formula.
My feet and abdomen are still swollen, but not as bad as last night, which makes me think that I can hold out until Monday to go and see the DR.
Tricia is feeling better this morning also. Thanks for your prayers last night.

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Pam said...

I came to your site from another one requesting prayer for you. I am sorry to hear that you have had such a time. I have a little one with a syndrome and because of it have entered into a world I never knew. Along the way I have met other children through their blogs or sites who also have your syndrome. I keep up with a girl who is about your age. You may have seen her site. She too struggles with some of the things that you struggle with. She too is a Christian. You can find her at . It is always nice to chat with someone who really knows where you are.
Anyway, I pray for some relief for you .
Take care,
Pam and Madison