Thursday, April 16, 2009

Big Day in Small Babies Lives

There are some babies in my prayer list that are having a BIG day today. And I'd like to write and ask for prayers for them today.

First off is, Kayleigh. She was born 6-08 weighing 1lb 1oz. Today, she's almost 10mts old, but has never left her bed in the NICU. She's fought so hard to live and make it this far. This morning she is having surgery that will help her to be able to come home soon. She's having: a g-tube placed (feeding tube, directly into stomach), Nissen (surgery to connect esophagus and stomach tighter {helps keeping acid reflux away}), Bilateral Hernia Repair & a new Central Line Placement.
Please pray for Kayleigh. I've had 2 of the above surgeries before, but having 4 things at once is HUGE. Pray that she can make it safely through and pray for wisdom and steady hands for the Dr.'s and nurses.

Second, is Stellan. He, his mom, and a PICU nurse are flying to Boston today in prep for his heart surgery, sometime next week. Stellan took a turn for the worse earlier in the week, and that sealed it for him for the Boston trip. Please check out his page for more info as alot has happened this week.

Third is Dakota. After being home from the hospital for only 2 days, she made her entrance in the ER late Monday night with a fever of 105. The Dr.'s started her on heavy duty anti-biotics, and pulled her PICC line (thinking that was the source of the infection), well it's not or wasn't because as of 2am this morning her temp was 106. Please pray that the Dr.'s can find the source of the infection and get her fever under control. Please pray for her mom as this is the 4th hospitalization in almost as many weeks.

As for me, I am feeling good. Alot better than I did last week when everything first started. I got out of the house yesterday, and may do so again today. I spoke to 1 family member on the phone yesterday (first time I've talked to anyone in a week). My only issue is my sleep. Because the meds I'm on make me sleep during the day, when night rolls around I'm not tired. I try to sleep at night with the use of sleeping pills, but they do nothing. Please pray that I can get back on a regular sleep pattern and start sleeping soundly.

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waitingarms said...

Glad to see your update. I am amazed at your heart - though I don't know the specifics of the new medical issues, I know you are having a tough time, but still you find it in yourself to think of and pray for others also going through some tough medical issues. Praying that you may get some sleep and that the Great Healer may make Himself evident.