Thursday, April 16, 2009

Updates on the Babies... God has been good today

God has been good today.
Things have gone well for Kayleigh and Stellan.
First off, Stellan is in Boston at the Children's hospital. He is in the CICU: Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit. Since his arrival early this afternoon he has had more labs done and a VERY indepth echo done and some chest xrays. His mom got to talk to the heart Dr. there and things are looking promising.
Please keep this family in your prayers. Stellan has 3 older siblings at home who are probably wondering what is going on and where their mom and baby brother are. Please also keep Stellan's dad and whoever else is taking care of the older children in your prayers. Pray for patience and that these kids will have some sense of understanding.

Secondly, Kayleigh made it through her surgery with no problems. However she is having a hard time recovering. She is very swollen, she's having a hard time keeping up with her stats, and she's just not feeling good. But, all of that is VERY understandable considering what she went through this morning.

Third, is Dakota. The only update I have for her is from this morning. She was still running a high fever at 10am, and because of that she was packed/covered in ice, in attempt to lower her temp. She was up for many tests and scans today to try to figure out what is going on with her.

I had a good day. The best I've had in a week. I got out this afternoon for about a hour and then came home and walked my dog around the block. I am over the worst of this time, but have a ways to go. Today has been exactly one week since everything started, and while I thought it would go by slowly and have a much different outcome, it has gone by very quickly and I have done well. Thanks to ALOT of prayers, and support from my mom and family and friends.

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Emily said...

We would love a visitor. I'll be gone from the hospital from around noon to 5pm but Dakota will be here and I'll be here the rest of the time.