Monday, January 26, 2009

What is the world coming to?

Today has been an OK day. I was suppose to have a class at the gym this afternoon, but didn't feel well, and cancelled.
I found out some bad news too. 1. One of my best friend's husband was laid-off from his job today. My friend is newly pregnant, and is having normal morning sickness, but please pray for this baby and for God to protect it and let it grow normally, and for the baby to join the world in 8 months. Pray that the husband will be able to find a new job.
2. I also found out that another friend of mine's uncle was killed in a tragic accident in Hawaii. After the autopsy, he or his ashes will be flown back to Texas. Please pray for the family as they deal with his sudden death.

This week and next feel like "normal" considering I am looking at having another surgery. I'm a bit nervous over my endoscopy this THURSDAY, only because I'm afraid I'll have complications like I had last time ( in July of 08). Also, if I'm facing another surgery, than that's more time in the hospital and more time recovering.
Tomorrow I have an appt. with my pain management Dr. For a week now I have been crushing my pills and adding water to turn into liquid and putting it in my tube. Tomorrow, I am hoping that he'll give me liquid pain meds.

I'm just not doing well. Please keep me in your prayers.

Also, I set up a medical acct. at my bank today for donations, all the info is in the box to the right of this.

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