Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Lord works in mysterious Ways

Well, I got an answer to my prayer of "is there anything else that can be done". I will be having an endoscopy w/ BOTOX injection in my esphagus and stomach, next Thurs. 1/29. My GI Dr. will be doing it, and this is the same Dr. who refused to do it back in 2006, but was more than willing today. I'm so happy that he will do it, because that save us a trip to St. Louis. You may remember that I had a double dose of botox in July 08, but it has already worn off. We are doing it at the hospital because I will be a hard patient to put under, and my Dr. needs the an extra dose of anesthesia and a good anesthesiologist.
Secondly, I have an appt. to meet with my surgeon on Feb. 2nd, to discuss removing my gallbladder and either removing the feeding tube or putting in a new one. The one I have now is wearing down.
MY GI thinks alot of my pain is coming from the gallbladder, which we already know either doesn't work or doesn't work properly.
I haven't been able to eat a full meal in 4 days and it hurts too much to do any tube feeds as well.

But, I also found out a huge prayer request. I owe the hospital well over $100,000 in past medical bills. IF I can qualify for charity the hospital will write off the bill, than my GI Dr.'s office will do the same ( I owe them close to $5,000). If not, then I am hoping that I will be able to file the bills under my bankruptcy. But, that is no guarantee.

So, my prayer request is, that God will provide the funds to pay off the accts. or that charity will write them off. Or that someone will start a fundrasier for me to raise money for a medical fund to help pay off my bills. I have been thinking about having a fundraiser for almost a year now, but I kept thinking that it would get better, but spending close to 5 months in the hospital doesn't help.

My procedure next week is NOT included in that $100,000 and if I'm facing another surgery that will be another bill from the surgeon AND hospital.

Please keep me in your prayers as I face this procedure next week, and the possibility of another surgery, and that I will be able to sustain myself nutritionally.

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