Thursday, January 8, 2009

Very Sick Again

Below is an e-mail that I sent that tells of how my Dr.s visit went:

I am writing this e-mail to let you know that I am sick again, or still, meaning that I never got over my pneoumnia from 2 weeks ago. But this time I know where I 'm going to end up. My mom is taking me to the ER first thing tomorrow morning, only because I'm putting it off till then. I went to my General Dr. this afternoon, and to say that she was shocked by what she saw would be an understatement. My feet and legs ( especailly my left one) are so swollen that I can't wear any shoes, and even wearing flip-flops is hard. My left foot is so swollen that it hurts to walk or put any weight on it. Now, I have had problems with my feet swelling in the past, but never this much, and never have they not gotten better by walking. My Dr. wants me to go to the ER and have x-rays, blood work, and a doppler study in my legs to check for possible blood clots or another cause of the swelling. But also, I am still having a lot of trouble with my asthma and being very short of breath. My home meds are not working, so she wants me to get a chest x-ray to see if the pneoumnia has come back. The second option for that case is one that's a bit extreme, but I'm an extreme patient. The one drug that will help and cure all my respiratory issues, I am allergic/very senstive to. If I can find a Dr. that is will to admit me and give me that drug, through an IV, and keep me under close supervision of the Dr and nurses, I can have it, but I must be closely guarded. Most Dr.'s won't do it, but because I am so far gone, by GP is willing to back me up on the idea and is happy to talk to any Dr. that wants to do it. I am praying that I can find a Dr. that is willing to do it, because I know that it will work, and physcailly I have gotten to the point that I am only going to get worse without it.

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