Sunday, January 11, 2009

Still sick... wanting answers

Yesterday ( Friday) I spent 7 hours in the ER. When I went to my GP on Thursday she wanted me to go to the ER to get my very swollen feet and legs checked out to make sure I didn't have any blood clots. Thankfully I didn't. But she also wanted me to talk to a Dr. to see if I could be admitted and given prednsione to help with my asthma. I am so sensetive to prednisone that I will not take it unless I am hospitalized and kept under a very close watch. But, when I went to the ER, my lungs were very clear, so there was no need to admit me. I was not happy. Having pneoumnia last month was very odd, seeing as I had gotten the pnoumnia vaccine a few years ago, and it's good for 10 yrs. This winter season is and has already been a very hard one, and I can sense that I will be battling my asthma and being sick all season. But, I am going to make an appt. to see my pulmonoligist and hopefully get some answers concerning my asthma.
As for my swelling, I have been given a prescription for a diruetic, told to start on a low sodium diet, and stay off of and put my feet up for a few days. The only explaination for my swelling was that the veins in my lefs and feet are not getting rid of the fluid in the correct way, thus causing my swelling. No one knows what is causing my veins to not work properly, but no one knows what causes any of my medical problems.
Also, I saw my pain management Dr. on Thursday as well, and he wrote me a rx for a new and very strong pain med, but in pill form. And thinking that I would still be on liquid pain meds I bought 200 syringes last week ( 100 of the 1ml, and 100 of the 10ml). But, the med the Dr. put me on does come in liquid form, so I am calling on Monday to ask if I can be switched. Plus, the pill form takes longer to work and longer for the body to process than liquid form, and I always think that liquid form is better. I can put the liquid right into my tube and not have to worry about being able to swallow pills.
I have several Dr.'s appts to make next week, and I am hoping for not long waiting periods. Hopefully, I can start getting some answers soon.

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Emily said...

Goodness Emily, I sure hope you start feeling better soon and the diuretics help. What pneumonia vaccine did you get? The only one I know of is the pneumococcal vaccine but that one only protects (and not 100% at that) against the most common cause of pneumonia, not all of them by any means.