Thursday, December 4, 2008

Unintended visit, lack of sleep, and new baby

Today I had an appt. to go to the dentist for part 2 of a consulation. But, since getting a toothache a few days ago, and my dentisit having an open afternoon, my visist turned into having a root canal. It was very unexpected, but she was very good and gave me plenty of numbing drugs, and I have plenty of every type of pain drug at home. I'm not in a lot of pain, but most of the numbing is gone. Next week, with any extra toothaches I will go for part 2 of my consulation and treatment plan.
Today makes day 5 days since my grandfather has been in the hospital and I can't say that he is getting better, because he's not. Yesterday he had a procedure to insert a drain tube into his gallbladder, and were able to expel 10oz of bile and other stomach gases. He is in alot of pain, and has stopped speaking in whole words. My mom is worried and more worried for her mom, who is not handling the hospitalization of my grandfather well. I just pray that God will have His way in the whole situation.
But, because my grandfather is so ill, I have been worried as well and have stopped sleeping. For the past 2 nights I have been unable to sleep through the night, which has played a huge role in how my day goes. Hopefully I will start sleeping again, and giving everything to God.

Tomorrow there is a new baby due to be coming into the world. Maxson Hagen, is due to be born by c-section around 7am tomorrow. The special thing about Max is the he has been diagonised with Trisomy 18. Because of the he is known to have: As of now we know that he has a VSD, an overriding aorta, a kidney that is not functioning, two cyroid cysts on his brain, a cleft foot, clenched fists, and low set ears.
The birth/live rate for babies with T-18 is almost always fatal. If the baby is born alive they don't live very long. Unless God grants a miracle which He has with baby: Magdalena . Magdalena today is celebrating 120 days old, and each day is a gift from God.
Please keep Max's parents in your prayers tonight and please pray that Max will stay around as long as God deems it necessary.
Pray too, for Magdalena. Pray for her body to continue to support her life and pray for her parents to continue to support her.

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