Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tireless Tuesday

Well, for starters my grandfather is still in the hospital. This afternoon he had a drain tube put in to remove all the fluid and bile in his gallbladder. He is still in a lot of pain and spends his days sleeping. I have repeatdly told my mom that her and her siblings should make up a schedule so that everyone is not all there 24/7, but that hasn't helped. No one wants to miss anything, so they all stay up there. My mom, her 2 sisters, her brother, and her mom. One of my aunt's is at home sick. I have been up there once, but because I have little to no immune system I have stayed at home. We don't know when he will be coming home or what the long term plan is. We are just taking one day at a time.

I have started taking my tube feeds again, and starting to feel better. I have primarily stayed home these past few days, as the allergies are killing me and it has been a bit chilly and very windy lately, perfect weather for me to get sick in.

I haven't gotten my Christmas Picture done yet. The weather has not been good to take it outside, but hopefully tomorrow will be good. My dad is taking me and my dog Zena downtown to get them done. Then I have to write my Christmas letter and address and mail cards. Plus I have to get my pictures made at Target with a Christmas background. Hopefuly I can get all that done by the end of the week.
I cancelled my theraphy appt. today because I was just not feeling well this morning. I rescheduled for Thursday morning, and then Thursday afternoon I have a dentist appt.
I need to go back to the pain management Dr. this week because I am almost out of morphine, and I have to see the Dr. to get a refill.

My best friend will be in town this weekend, so hopefully we can find something to do together. We haven't spent much time together lately, and I miss her.

It's only 23 days till Christmas, and I have so much to do ( I still don't have my tree up), but I can't do everything in one day or I will wear myself out.

I am trying to remember not to commerilize Christmas this year, but remember the true reason for celebrating: Jesus' birth and Him coming to save the world. If you forget this this year, than Christmas will mean nothing to you.

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