Friday, December 5, 2008

My grandfather...please pray

My grandfather ( my mom's dad) is very sick, and very near death. He has been in the hospital for a week for a very basic thing, had a minor procedure on Tuesday, and has gone down hill ever since, and the decision was made this afternoon to take him off all meds and to turn him over to Hospice Care. The Dr. told my family that he could have a few hours to a few days. They are giving him morphine and adavant to keep him pain free and comfortable, but he is still very restless. All of my mom's siblings and her mother have been at the hospital all week, so they have said their goodbyes. My cousins are coming (if they can) to say their goodbyes as well.
My grandfather is a Christian and has lived a good long life, as he is in his late 80s.
I was able to say my goodbyes tonight and felt better in doing so.
This is not the first death I have experienced this year. My other grandfather (my dad's dad) passed away in March and I was left to plan the funeral and didn't get to say my goodbyes. Luckly I got my chance with this grandfather.

Please pray that my grandfather will not be suffering and that he will be resting comfortably. Please also pray that my family will have peace and the strength that they need to get through this, and that all of my out-of town cousins will make it to Austin in time to say good-bye.

All of my aunts, my mom, my grandmother, and I are physically tired form spending all week at the hospital. Please pray for restoration and that we will not get sick from our bodies being worn down.

I will update when I know something.

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