Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sleepy Sunday

So, last night was a NIGHTMARE in and of itself. I tried 4 different times between the hours of 1am -6am to go to sleep, even with taking mega pain meds and a sleeping pill. With every failed attempt, I got up a surfed the web and slaved over my suduko puzzle book. Finally at sometime after 6am I went to sleep, only to wake up at 7:45am. I got up and went to Central Market to get fresh fruit that I was craving, then went to HEB to get groceries for the week, thinking that it wouldn't be crowded because people would be at church. Wrong... HEB was a madhouse.
I came home and tried to nap, only to watch football. Finally at 3:30 this afternoon my body gave out and I slept from 3:30pm - 6:45pm.
I watched Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Cold Case with my mom, and now I am here.

Friday night was the Carrie Underwood concert and it was GREAT!!! My friend and I had so much fun. Spending Halloween at a concert with one of my favorite artists and my best friend was a great idea. I got home at about 11;45pm, and slept till 1pm Saturday afternoon. I woke up Saturday with no voice and even today I have an almost gone voice. I am really having a hard time rebounding from the concert and being up and out so late.

If you notice my new button on the right side links, it is from Stellan's page. He truly is a miracle and I am happy to have watched God work through this tiny baby boy!
Another little boy who needs a miracle is JD Hartman. He is an 11 year old boy who had a near drowning accident on Oct. 11, 2008 and is now in the local children's hospital fighting for his life. His family is a member of my church.
I know there is an awesome prayer team out there that has been praying for me, and now I ask for you to add JD to your prayers.

As for me, other than still trying to rebound from the concert. I am doing fair. I am fighting a chest cold, and lack of voice, major fatigue and exhausation, my swelling has returned, and I have developed a rash at my tube site, which looks worse everyday (but the surgeon says is OK). I am running very low on my high power pain meds, and have had to pull out a wimpy pain med, which I am slightly allergic to. So in order to take it I must load up on benadryl before hand. My only hope for now, is that when I go to the dentist on Wednesday I will be able to make an appt. to have 2-3 teeth pulled, that have needed pulling for sometime now, and I might be able to get a high power pain med for a few extra days.
This week's # 1 goal is to find a pain management Dr. that will work with the plan I have in place now, and not try to change it. If I cannot find anyone, and I run out, than back to the ER/hospital I will go for pain control.
Please pray that I will be able to find a Dr. this week.

That's all for now, off to try to get some sleep I go.

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