Tuesday, November 4, 2008

News of all Sorts

I have so much to write, but not enough awake time, it's already past 1am. So, just the basics, then a full post in the morning.
I found a pain management Dr. and have an appt. for next Tursday. Which means, that I can continue taking my mega- pain meds, and know that I will get re-fills next week.
I picked up my prescription for my liquid anti-naseau med tonight and took some of it through my tube, and then got the worse taste in my mouth. It tasted like I had eaten a green marker. The liquid was green, so go figure.
I called my therapist to make an appt. for this week and she had an opening for this afternoon. So, I spent a hour in theraphy, and had a little meltdown, but started crying, because have been hurt from so many things pertaining church issues ( will go into more detail in next post), and haven't dealt with the hurt, not knowng how to or wanting to.
I got my 1st check for disability today. I wasn't suppose to get one till the last week in Nov., so this check was a welcome surprise.
All for now, off to bed.
More in morning.

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The Tranas said...

Hi Emily - I just found your blog today, and I had to comment and tell you that my dd (one of twins--they'll be 5 in a couple of months) was born with VACTERL/VATER syndrome. She spent 6 months between the NICU and the level 2 nursery until she came home with a trach, which she had for a total of about 14 months. Her anomalies were EA/TEF (repaired at 3 months of age), cardiac, and intestinal. She still has some cardiac valve issues, but they're mild and may or may not ever require surgical intervention. Like you, she gets sick very easily, and she usually ends up in the hospital with pneumonia a couple of times each flu/RSV season.

I will keep you in my prayers.