Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sick Again

I am sick again or still sick. I have been dealing with a cold, allergies and asthma for almost 3 weeks now, it is wearing me down so much. I took another trip to the ER all day on Monday after having several asthma attacks Sunday and Monday. Also, my feet have swollen again, but this time so bad that I have to have help getting out of bed. Also while in the ER, my oxygen was not stable was was going up and down all day, and was on O2, and it was still unstable. Then when I got home I realized the the Dr. had written the wrong drug down on the prescription, and when my mom took the presrciption to the pharmacy, is was noticed that the Dr. also didn't write a quanity on one of the meds. So, I am at home, still feeling like I did yesterday and have no meds to take to help me get better. I have an appt. NEXT Wed. to go to the my GP doctor, but I will not make it till next Wed. without the meds that I need. I slept all day today and still feel very bad.
Please pray that we can get my meds figured out and that I don't have to take another trip to the ER.

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