Sunday, November 23, 2008

All God's Children

Let me begin by requesting that everyone be SAFE this Holiday Season. I went out to run some errands yesterday, and there were mad drivers everywhere, and some very close calls with wrecks. Please watch your speed while driving, and remember that nowhere is to important to get to by speeding. This time last year, I was in my first car accident because a lady didn't yield the right of way and turned right as I was driving pass the road she was turning on to. She hit me full force and I ( in my BIG car), spun out of control and hit another driver and then the light pole. Thankfully, I wasn't majoredly injured.

Just be careful and safe!!!

Now, for the "real" post.

Most of my blogging friends are my age. Late 20's and most if not all are married with children. Some have lost their babies this past year, some have had babies this year, or will have babies next year.

I wish that was me. I feel that my "clock" is ticking away, and that I will never find "Mr. Right". But, I know that God has the perfect plan for my life, and having a family isn't in the cards for me right now.

But even with our differences we are still God's Children. He has used the internet for us to connect with each other in order for us to form a community of believers that has: love for each other, prays for each other, encourages each other, comforts one another, inspires one another, and I could keep going.

I don't have a community of believers where I live that I belong to and can share my feelings and my day to day thoughts with, but I know that when I come online and write on my blog or read and comment on another blog that the internet community is there and that I have 10 - 15 women that I can turn to for encouragement.

Some may think that it is odd that I have all these blogging buddies, that I go to their site everyday to read their postings. But, because of that I have grown stronger in the Lord and I have seen that today in 2008 God still works miracles. Most of these women I will never meet on this side of Heaven, but I know that they are praying for me and I am praying for them.

God has lead me to several key sites to teach me different things:

Baby Stellan - this beautiful baby boy was NOT suppose to be born alive. He was NOT suppose to live if he was born alive. But, because of thousands of prayers and Stellan's parents faith in God, Stellan is ALIVE and doing amazing. God worked a miracle through a tiny baby boy, just like he did all those years ago when baby Jesus came into this Earth.

Tricia & Gwyneth - The days I feel I can't go on, I think of Tricia and look at her amazing strength and determination to keep living. This year alone, she has given birth to a beautiful baby girl, had a double lung transplant, and was diagnosised with and beat lymphoma. I know that her strength comes from Jesus Christ, but Tricia is an amazing example of clinging to the Cross and believing that God will get you through this and you'll never go alone. Gwyneth was born at 24 weeks and 4 days gestation weighing in at only 1lb 6oz and only 12 in. long. That was 10 months ago. Today, she is a beautiful baby girl who adores her parents and weighs 11lbs 2oz. She, along with so many other micro-preemies I know shouldn't be alive. But, with so many people praying for her and her team of Dr.'s and nurses in the NICU she is here and will be able to spend her first Thanksgiving with her family and all the people who are give thanks to God everyday that Gwyneth is here.
Their blog has been updated almost daily for a year by Nate, Tricia's husband. He is a wonderful husband and father and he too is an inspiration to me. So many time their family has been at the end, but he and thousands of people around the world have been on their knees praying for him and his family, and once again, God is still in the miracle business.
I know that I am sick, but I also know that I am not going through this alone.
The Lord says " I will never leave you."
God has each of His children right where He wants them, so that He can do things through them, in His time.
I am thankful to be meeting some of God's Children, even if it is only on the internet, because I know that the real meeting will be in Heaven, where there is no more pain, crying, sickness, or death. We will be free from our earthly bodies and all the heartache and dispair that accompanies them.
*** I know that was probably just me rambling, but I have been thinking of it all and need to get it out***

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