Monday, September 15, 2008

Good Day

Today was a good day! It didn't start well though. I didn't go to sleep until 6:45 this morning and my mom woke me up about 10:45 this morning. I have been having severe insoumnia for several weeks now. I even took 3 sleeping pills and morphine for the pain, and I still couldn't sleep.
After breakfast my mom and I went to my grandparent's house, but not before stopping at a deli/coffeeshop to get sweets for my grandparents. My mom and grandmother had blackberry cobbler, my grandfather had buttermilk pie, and I had apple cake. I didn't eat lunch at my grandmothers' because what she made was too spicy and I knew it would never go down or sit well with me. After lunch my grandmother, me and my mom played a game of cards, and I won. Yeah!!!
My mom and I came home, she napped and I took a feed. It's the first feed through the tube I've had in a week. Afterwards, I took my dog and we went on a walk in the park/ on the trail. It took us 30 minutes to walk a mile and 1/4 . We came and had dinner and here I am.

I think today was much better than yesterday because I didn't eat as much today. The weather was beautiful today too. Cloudy but cool with a nice breeze. Much better than the 100+ degree days we had this summer.

Tomorrow I have talk theraphy in the morning, and then my dad wants me to come over because his *girlfriend* and her roommate are here from the coast until they get power and water back.

I still can't believe the tragedy that is occuring on the coast. It doesn't seem real. I can see the city of Galveston in my mind before Ike, and I can't imagine what it looks like now, with everything gone or made into rubble. I love the beach. It is so relaxing and calm. Growing up I always wanted to be a Marine Biologist. I know so much about Marine and Ocean life that I probably could go back to school if I weren't sick.

I finally got an e-mail that I got a comment from my blog. I thought for a while there that no one read my blog because I had never received any comments. I know it take a while to get a "fan" base, and I hope I get one soon, like the rest of my blogging buddies.

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