Tuesday, August 24, 2010

CAT scan update & sick

I'm sorry that I didn't update sooner on how my CAT scan went, but it was a nightmare and very traumatic experience.

First off, I needed to get there at 8am, we live a hour away from the hospital/clinic, and we left late. So we got there late. I got signed in, the tech came out with my cup of barium (which I had already told the previous tech when I called to put on my chart that I would NOT drink the barium) Barium = liquid contrast. The tech explained to me that without the contrast the scan would not look good, yes I already knew that, but I physically can't drink the barium or I get very sick. So, then the tech brought me back to the IV room, and that's where the nightmare began. I got stuck 5 times by 2 different nurses. Each stick hurt more and more. By the end of 30 min. I was on a lot of oxygen because I was so close to passing out, from the heavy breathing and the pain from being stuck so many times.

So, I ended up having no contrast at all, which the radiologist wasn't happy about, but there was nothing more that I could do. But this isn't the first time this year I have had a scan with no contrast.
 In May, when I had my cardiac MRI, I got stuck 9 times, all with no luck, so I got no contrast for that scan either.

For those that don't know, contrast helps to outline/ show more of the organs. The use it for special MRI's and CAT scans.

Also, Sunday night I got really sick and I still am. My fever spiked to 102.5 (103 is my limit to take a trip to the ER). My oxygen stats were really low, so I required more oxygen for most of the night.

Plus, I had been up since Wednesday with very little to no sleep at all. I slept most of the day Monday, but my fever is still elevated and I'm still on the oxygen. I haven't gotten out yet while on the oxygen, so I've had to cancel all appts. for Monday and Tuesday.

However, I have 4 Dr. appts. next week. I'm going to see my Infectious Disease Dr. , my cardiologist, my pulmonologist, and my pain management Dr.

Please keep me in your prayers as I recover from being sick, and I can get more sleep. I've also screwed up my knee again (the same knee I fractured in February). I have been really hurting and can't put a lot of weight on it. Pray that it gets better.

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