Friday, August 20, 2010

CAT Scan and updates

I had a Cat scan of my abdomen in the morning. A test that my Infectious Disease Dr. has ordered on me so that he can find a baseline. He still/ There is still no answers to my fevers, but they have been happening for 6 months now. We have to find an answer soon. I have at least 3 surgeries to be had as soon as I'm cleared from the ID Dr.

I'm not doing well, since I had my pneumonia in July. I don't leave the house much, unless to go to the Dr. I don't drive much, and I don't drive within a mile radius from my house. I sleep a lot, I'm on A LOT of meds, mainly pain meds. I don't eat much, and my body is getting less tolerant of foods.

Last year my room was cluttered with feeding tube stuff. Cans of formula, an IV pole and my feeding machine. This summer I have no more feeding tube stuff, I have breathing stuff. I have bottles of oxygen, an oxygen concentrator that makes its own oxygen, a nebulizer to help clear my lungs, and miles of tubes to help me breathe. My oxygen numbers have been low. Normal is 95-100, mine is 80-92.

Pray that an answer to my fevers would be found soon. I need to have these surgeries soon, but only when I'm fever free or else my body will reject whatever is inserted/implanted in me.

Update on my aunt:

She got her stitches out last week. She has a big surgical boot on now. She is in a wheelchair, because she is too wobbly on crutches. She will have to be off her foot (no weight at all) for 6 months. It will take up to a year for her to return to everything that she did before her accident/surgery. Please pray that her work situation will be figured out. She works in San Antonio, and she drives a hour to work each day. She can't drive anymore. She is workng from home as much as she can, but that is still not enough.

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