Thursday, June 17, 2010

PICC line or Central Line

I am seriously thinking of getting a PICC line or central line, or some other permanent line put in becuase my veins are no longer useable for getting blood or getting IV's and with atleast 1 and maybe 2 more surgeries coming up I will have to have an IV.

I had my cardiac MRI on Tues. and they couldn't use contrast (which is what the Dr. ordered) because they couldn't get an IV started. I had 2 nurses and a Dr. try and got stuck 8 times all with no luck. Last week for my chemical stress test it took a hr to get a tiny iv started and it didn't last but 30 min, before it blew.
I had a NICU nurse who transferred to adults tell me that for 25 yrs she could stick every preemie baby, but she couldn't get a stick in me. It's very embarassing and almost humiliating that no one can get IV's in me anymore.
When I had sepsis they had to stick me in my neck because they couldn't get it anywhere else.
I've had PICC lines before and I had a central line when I had sepsis. But, what is a good line for semi- permanent use? Something that can get blood out of but put meds into. Something that is long lasting (maybe 3-6 months)?
I know that having a semi-permanent line puts me at a high risk of getting sepsis again, but it will be so much better than being a human pin cushion.

Any opinons or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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