Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Heart Day

Today is the day that I go to the cardiologist to find out my results of my EKG and Holter monitor.
I'm also having some other issues that are probably related to either my heart or lungs or both. I'm hoping to get answers for those problems too.
Regarding my lungs and asthma, I am going on Thursday to the lung Dr. to have a breathing test done, and then right after I'm going to see my lung Dr. and get the results and see what we can do about my breathing issues and the fact that oxygen levels have been low.

Overall, I've just not been feeling well. I can't put my finger on it, but I'm always short of breath, and just not how I was before I got sepsis. I don't know if recovering from sepsis takes a long time, but considering how sick I was, maybe it does. I also know that heart and lung problems kinda go hand in hand. If you have one problem, it won't be long till you get or have problems with the other.
Thankfully, both my heart and lung Dr. 's are at the same hospital clinic, and in fact they are on the same floor and right next door to each other. They both have all the info on me, and they both can read what the other is doing or has done.
 Include that my GI Dr. is also at the same clinic, and I feel for the first time safer about my medical health, knowing that all 3 of my specialist Dr.'s are located in the same clinic, and they all have access to my medical history and what the other has done, what meds the other has prescribed, and what is going on with me from another Dr.

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