Saturday, March 27, 2010

Prayer Requests

Please be in prayer for the following families:

Family of Eva Markvoort - Eva passed away this morning from cystic fibrosis. She has been in the hospital for a long while, and she knew that she was dying. The past few weeks she had been getting progressively worse. This morning she earned her wings and is no longer suffering.

Family of Jedidah Harper - Jedidah is a fun loving 3 year old boy who was very suddenly diagnoised with a very rare and aggressive form of cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma.
He had surgery yesterday morning to remove the tumor, take some bone marrow biopsy, and put in a permanent port-a-cath in his chest (a perm. IV line).
Please pray that he will respond to treatment and that he will understand what is going on.

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