Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Long Summer Days & Stellan

Is it just me or is July the month that may never end? This month has seemed to drag on forever. Maybe because this July will go down as the hottest EVER for Austin. Maybe because we are in the middle of the worst drought this part of Texas has seen since the 1950's. Maybe because I have been in my house for weeks, too out of it to go anywhere. Who knows, but I'd give anything to go to a place where it is less than 70 degrees and it rains. To say that I can't wait till winter is the understatement of the year. But, last night on the news it was said that August is always hotter than July.

I've been doing ok. Yesterday I was in bed all day due to severe pain, but today I got up early and I've been running errands all day.
I haven't had health insurance for about 3-4 years, but as of Aug. 1st, I will have Medicare. I'm excited about that. It will be such a relief not to have to pay out-of-pocket for all Dr.'s visits and for medications.
There is a new pharmacy near my house, and one of their services is free delivery. I haven't used that yet, but I am trying to get all my prescriptions moved to that one place, instead of have scripts at 4-5 different places. I am also finding that they have better prices than some of the well known big box pharmacies, since I have been doing cost comparisions on all my meds.

My eating is still not that great, but when I went to the grocery store this morning I got some healthy food and some peaches and carrots. This store also has a section called "Cafe on the Run" , so you can get pre-made food, they pack it for you, and you take it home and cook it. They happen to have the best Mac & Cheese I've ever had, so I bought some of it too.

In other news.
Stellan is back in the hospital and is waiting to be airlifted to Children's Hospital in Boston. It's where he went to in April. He will have to have another heart surgery, and there is a good chance that he will come out of surgery with a pacemaker. He is not doing well, but is better than he was just 24 hrs ago. This trip to Boston both his parents are going on, as the trip in April only his mother went. His family came together yesterday afternoon for a prayer vigil. During the past 72 hours (3 days) he has only been OUT of SVT 1 1/2 hr. His SVT has been at a constant rate in the mid 200's, so that's about 240 heartbeats a minute.
Please keep him and his family, and those that are and will be taking care of him in your prayers. For latest updates you can click on his name, which will take you to his mom's page, scroll down and find her twitter updates, which she has been updating regularly.

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Kevin said...

Hi Emily,

First time here, I live in Texas as well. I'll be sending out a prayer for Stellan and one for you! I wish you the best.

Victoria, TX.