Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's Back... need prayers

I'm sorry for not updating more regularly. I just haven't been in the blogging mood, plus there is not much to write about.

First off I will say that I have been on the fentanyl pain patch for about 2 months. I have my good days and bad days. Some days I wake up pain free and some days I don't. I will say that since being on the patch my pain is about 95% gone. The other 5% is my breakthough pain, and that number is rising slowly.

One of the reasons my pain is returning is the my esophagus is starting to NOT work anymore... again. The past week, when I have tried to eat, my food gets caught/stuck in my esophagus it just sits, and waits for gravity to take control. The food that is stuck is VERY painful. It feels like my throat and esophagus is on fire.
This also means that baby food, applesauce, pudding, jello, and soup is back on the menu. And anything with texture or anything that clumps together when swallowed is off the menu.
There are several choices about how to proceed with this.
But, I come asking prayers again. Medically, there is nothing that can be done, because I do not respond to medical treatment for this condition.
This condition is VERY painful, I pray that the pain will be controlled. I pray that my digestive system doesn't stop working along with my esophagus. I pray that eating soft, non-textured foods will help.
If you could add me to your prayer list, I would greatly appreciate it.
I will update next week.

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