Sunday, May 17, 2009

Feeling bad together

Dakota feels and looks much like I do.

I am very sore, and just not feeling well today. I have slept most of the day and slept well (for me) last night. My surgery site is very swollen and tender to touch, but I HAD to change the dressing last night. I tried to do a tube feed, but after about a hour stopped due to pain.

I had wanted to go to church this morning, and even woke up early, but couldn't talk myself into going. I want to go to church tonight, as the pastor is starting a new series, but feel not well, and can't get out of the house, much less my bed.

More bruises are coming up from my fall and I've always heard that the 3rd day is when you feel the worse. Guess what day today is?

Both Dakota and I are still needing prayers.


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