Friday, April 17, 2009

Prayers for Matt

UPDATE 4-20-09
Baby Matt has entered into his Heavenly Father's arms. Please pray for his family in their time of grief.
I know that I have wrote about this baby before, his name is Matt and he was born in January of this year. His mother gave him up for adoption a short while after birth. Matt was born with a terminal illness, the entire front part of his skull (where his brain is suppose to be) is all fluid. It is a miracle that he has lived this long. I just got word that Matt doesn't have much time left on this earth. His family has gathered to say their goodbyes and is ready for him to leave this world and enter into the arms of his Heavenly Father.
Please join me in prayer as I pray, along with his family that his death will be short and painless. For more info and to read about his journey please visit his page here:

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