Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Updates

I have REALLY GOOD news, really BAD news, and "Is it Over yet" news.

I'll start with the good. Stellan was discharged from the hospital this morning and will be returning home TOMORROW!!! His heart is better, he is looking and feeling better and boy does his mom want to be home.
Bad news, Dakota has taken a turn for the worse. All I know is the she has a really HIGH fever, her BP is all over the place, and she has several infections she is trying to fight. She was moved from her regular room to the PICU this afternoon.

IIOY - I made another trip to the ER last night. Had 1 test ran, loaded up on pain meds, and was sent home. I have an appt. with MY GI Dr. TOMORROW afternoon. Things will be said/ done at this appt. that will change my life. I won't leave unless this happens. The Dr. may have given up on me, but I have not given up on me. Pray that things go well and I get answers, and if not those than the help that I need NOW.

Please also take time to visit Kayleigh & Gavin's links to the left of this post. They are both need extra prayers this week. For Kayleigh, as she fights to live. For Gavin as he fights his disease and subsquent hospitalizations.
Tricia is at home and doing better.


Roslyn Dahl said...


I found your blog and wondered if you had heard of the Oley Foundation yet.

We offer free information and peer support for families like yours with a member on home tube or IV feeding.

Check out our website at In particular you might be interested in the

• Tube Feeding Tips page

• Meet Patients Section (try all three links)

• Oley's annual conference -- where you can learn a lot about tube and IV feeding and meet other families facing similar challenges. Preliminary details are posted now, but keep checking for updates at
There are travel scholarships for first time attendees.

If you have any questions or would like to be introduced to another family, feel free to contact me.

Warm regards,
Roslyn Dahl
Oley Foundation Staff Member
(800) 776-OLEY

Anonymous said...

Hi, I looked up vaters and found that
I didn't find it on your blog (which I discovered just now through a link)but it was in the top 10 results on Google, so you are probably well aware about it.
Anyway. I wish you all the best!

waitingarms said...

hi Emily,

hope all is going well with you. You have not updated your blog in a few days. Praying that all is going well, you are able to eat and the pain is being better controlled.