Friday, March 13, 2009

Updates on Me, Abby & Dakota

I know that I haven't really posted anything about me this week, everything has been focused toward Dakota and Abby. So tonight is for me, but also for Abby and Dakota, since things are happening in both their worlds.

Me first.
I have been very bloated/swollen in my abdomen all week, and it is not getting better. I was going to do tube feeds everyday this week, but when I didn't digest Tuesday night's tube feed, I knew that I shouldn't try again until I got rid of Tuesday's feed. I am very uncomfortable. I've been trying to walk more and drink more water, but nothing is happening. I've also been taking Miralax and digestive health pills, but no effect yet. My pain, I think is leveling out. I've been taking less pills, more hours apart.
Most of this week has been wet, rainy, and cold; and I am starting to feel the effects from that. My throat is getting sore, and my lymph nodes are starting to swell. I really hope that I am not getting sick, but just fighting something. This Sunday is my aunt's birthday, and I really wanted to go to her party, but if I'm sick, I won't be going anywhere.

Now, for the little girls.
Dakota, was suppose to go home today, but didn't make it. They will try for tomorrow. Her volume of feeds per hour has been going up and down, and it must be at 50ml/hr for her to go home. She's was at 40-45ml/hr, most of the day.
Abby, is taking a turn for the worse again. Her infection is getting worse, and she has no blood cells to fight the infection. Her dad said that she is starting to look "pregant" and that she is so swollen that her veins are showing through the skin. PLEASE pray hard for her. She is only 4 yrs old, and she shouldn't be going through this. She needs a miracle now, and I know that God is still in the business of working miracles.

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Emily said...

Emily I do hope your tube feedings start going smoother. Dakota can totally empathize with your pain.

To answer your question, we're at Dell. We're always at Dell because Seton doesn't keep kids other than the newborns.