Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sleepy Saturday

My sleep schedule has been very off the past few days.
Last night, I went to sleep at 5am and slept till 1pm today.
The day/ night before that I napped on and off from 3am-8am, then really went to sleep at 8:45am, and slept till 5pm on Thursday.

I am in constant pain and is really taking my pain meds every 4-5 hrs and also taking my anti-nausea meds too.

My mom wanted me to go to Sonic late last night, and I got something that I thought that I could eat, and I took 2 bites and was frozen with chest pains.

I did get out of the house this afternoon and went to the gym, and rode the bike for 15min.
Then I went to the grocery store. I am home now, in pain, fixing to go and take my meds and go to bed and watch movies tonight.

Also, please keep Abby in your prayers. She was admitted in the hospital on Wednesday Feb. 4th, and is on constant morphine. Her dad was called up there last night because she had taken a turn for the worse, but she is better this morning, but still on constant pain meds.

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