Thursday, February 5, 2009

Others needing prayers

I have some other "blogging friends" who need prayer just as much as I do.

Abby - a 4yr old with lukemia. She was admitted to the hospital yesterday and has been getting worse throughout the day. Her lungs are becoming "junky" and it is getting harder for her to breath.

Matt - a 3 week old baby boy who, at 2 days old doctors discovered that the front part of Matt's brain is just fluid, a rare condition known as holoprosencephaly. this condition is terminal and Matt was given only 6 to 12 months to live. Please pray for his family that God will give them the peace they need to go on and take care of Matt.

Cora - a 11 month of baby who has Neuroblastoma (a form of cancer). She has had removed the tumor and some lymphnodes. The cancer was a stage 4 (it had spread all over) and she had over 100 spots on her liver. She has started chemo, but her current issues is fluid building around her heart.

Please keep these 3 young kids in your prayers. Pray for strength for them and for their parents. Pray for God's will to be done in each situation. Pray that God's peace will fill the parent's hearts and that God will make His presence known to each family. Pray that God will direct the Dr.'s and nurses in order to give the appropriate care to each of these little kids.

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