Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tireless Tuesday

First off, it's cold. Very cold. In the part of Texas that I live in we usually have our winter in January and Febuary, but not this year. We are experiencing arctic fronts every week, and we are not used to the cold at all. Last Tuesday we got snow, which it only snows every 10 or so years where I live, but we have had snow 2 times in the past 2 years. We'll get a front, drop the temps to the 20's & 30's, then by the end of the week be back in the 60's & 70's, then another front comes in, and there we go again. But, of course the slogan for Texas weather is " if you don't like it, stick around for a few days, it'll always change."

I went to Toys-R-Us today, and was astonished by what I saw. About a million people in there, and not very many toys left. But, the big thing was a mother who had a 5-7 month old baby in there who could not stop coughing. The whole 10 min. I was near them the baby coughed he whole time. I looked over to see the baby, and the mother was hispanic, which may be why she was at Toys-R-Us and not the Dr.'s office. Most hispanic people in my town, are not smart in rasing their children. I have seen many hispanic parents riding in a car with their babies and toddlers in their laps, and not in car seats or using an infant car seat the wrong way in a car and for an older child. Do they not have enough money to buy car seats? They are not that expensive. Not only is not having a child in a car seat illegal, but very stupid and dangerous.

I had Christmas with my best friend tonight, which was fun. I got her an IPOD shuffle, which she really wanted, because she has been commenting on how I have all the good songs on mine. We both joined a new gym that is opening in my neighborhood Jan. 1st, and will start working out together.
I watched Biggest Loser tonight, and was so excited to see Michelle win. I have hated Vicky and Heba since the beginning, and because they were both very vicious players and treated so many players so mean. I voted for Ed ( Heba's husband), as did many other Americans, because of the was that Heba had been acting earlier in the show.

My family is returning to normal, after my grandfather's 1 week hospitalzation, death, and then memorial service. My mom and I went to my grandmother's house yesterday, and it was very weird walking in and not seeing my grandfather sitting in his chair, watching tv, and with the volume all the way up. I know that my grandmother misses him, and after almost 66 years of marriage it is very different for her to live by herself. Luckily, her house is in my aunt's backyard, so family is very close and most of my other aunt's and cousins, and my mom and I live within 5 miles. Christmas will be very different without him, I had already gotten his Christmas present, as did several other of my family members.

Please call your grandparents and parents and tell them that you love them, because you never know when they will be gone ( as I have learned the hard way).

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