Friday, November 7, 2008

Does anyone really care?

I haven't felt good this week at all. I have spent the last 2 days in bed and never got out of my gown. I don't know if it is allergies ( which are bothering me) or something else going on. I have been in alot of pain and relying heavly on my morphine. Today I've been queazy as well.

My mom, grandmother, and all my aunts are going to Odessa, TX for the weekend, leaving me alone all weekend. With me feeling the way I am I am sensing that something is going to happen. Luckly, I have spoken with the pastor of my church and have an emergency plan in place if I do have to go to the ER.

I love the chuch that I have been going to. So much so that I think that I am going to join when I go back, which will probably be this Sunday, since my best friend wants to go as well.
The following is an e-mail that I sent to some of the staff of this church on my feelings for this church, and my feelings for the church that I am a member of.

"I just wanted to say thanks for all the support that I have been getting from the members of your church. Part of the reason I quit going to my previous church and left my community group there was because the whole time I was sick and in the hospital over the summer, I got no phone calls, e-mails, visits, etc. It hurt me that a church that big (2,500+ members) and with so many people on staff (60+ people on staff), and the closeness that I had with the members of my community group no one made any effort to check on me during my hospital stays. My thinking is that the whole point of church and especially community groups is to be there for each other and to life each other up in time of hardships,and I got none of that. But, since I have been coming to your church and the 1 time I made it to CG, I have gotten numerous e-mails, cards, and even a gift certificate for my mom and me. The people of your church is what makes that church great. "

I have always been the type of person who sends card to the sick, and really take time out to check on them. I can't believe that the people of that church and the members of my past CG, couldn't take time to do the same for me. My therapist wants me to write an outline or draft letter to send to the people on staff to let them know how they hurt me and how they might be able to change the next time someone like me comes into that church needing assistance.
God says " Love one another the way that I have loved you." I never felt that love from them. But, I do feel it from the staff and members of my new church. I really feel God's love when I am there and even when I'm not.
Don't forget to take time to show someone you care. Either by card, e-mail, a phone call, or a visit. People will remember your kindness and will pay it forward.

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