Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Prayerful Wednesday

Today has been a very lazy day. I slept till almost noon, and then laid in bed watching "Bizzare Food: Collections from Around the World." A docu. from the travel channel that I Netflixed.
Many prayers went to Jesus before I layed my head down to sleep last night.
Prayers for Tricia, who had a 2nd biospy this morning to learn more about her cancer. No news yet from the biospy. Prayers for baby Ashley, who is very sick and also dealing with post- transplant struggles. Prayers for new baby Stellan, born this morning with what was suppose to be a heart-defect, but shows no signs of it this afternoon.
Prayers for all my blogging friends expecting a new baby in the next few months:

The God I love is a Big God and is mighty to save. I know that He is knitting each of these babies in their mommies wombs just the way He wants them. I know that His hand is in each of the lives of the families listed above and that His will is being done each day. Please pray for all those involved that I have mentioned about that they will remember that GOD is in CONTROL!

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