Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My almost thoughts and new babies

I have so many thoughts going through my head right now. Thank God for my theraphy session tomorrow morning. After I sort things out and I can think better I will put everything down. Please just pray that I get alot accomplished in theraphy tomorrow, I have a lot to say since I didn't go last week because of my ER visit.

My surgery went well. Much better and quicker than I expected. I had taken an anti-anxiety pill before we left the house so I didn't care what he did do me. He said that what I thought was infected was not and it was actually the skin trying to heal itself. He put 2 new stitches in that will stay for 5 weeks. He said after the 2nd set is out, that if my tube falls out that I can put it back in myself (ha) or immediately go to him or the ER and have them put it back in. If I wait more than 1 hour than the hole will close and we'll have to make a new one through another surgery. I came home and slept 15 hours last night, which is good because I had not slept the 2 nights before due to insomnia.

One of my fellow blogging buddies had quad's this afternoon. Addison, Alyssa, Trevor, and Kendelle were born this afternoon. All are healthy and happy. Momma is doing just fine. You can see weights and pics on their website: http://jennmike-kingquads.blogspot.com/

I have started running a high fever ( for me anyways because I don't normally run fevers). I have had it since Sunday and it is only climbing. I am going to the Dr. on Friday morning to see what is going on. Also, I have a very busy week ( 4 appts. in 3 days), please pray for stamina and that I won't get too tired.

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