Saturday, September 6, 2008

Eating, Feeding, and Life

Well, I am finally getting better. After a trip to the ER on Monday for extreme abdominal pain (again), I have made a full rebound this week, and was even well enough to have Starbucks with a friend this morning.
I am able to eat again. I'm suppose to be on a bland diet, but that's not happening. Yesterday, I thought that I was going to eat everything in sight. Today, I woke and prayed that God will take away my appetite because I know that is the only for me to stop eating junk food. So far it has worked.
I got a new feeding pump on Thursday. My last one was big and heavy, but this one is small and I can put it and my bag of forumla in a backpack and carry it with me while I am out of the house. It will give me much more mobility and freedom.
I am having minor surgery Monday afternoon to rotate and re-stitch my tube. One of the stitches came out this week and my tube site has been bleeding and hurting all day. I have a feeling that it is infected and abscessed, but we will see on Monday. I am kinda of scared about the part of feeling him stitch me up, but I know he will numb me first, but still.
I am really hoping to make it to church tomorrow. We are having a welcome back picnic/ get involved thing. I am looking for a new community group, so I hope to find info about one.

Please be in prayer for a friend of mine. Her name is Kenzie and her baby girl is Faith Claire. Kenzie is 6 months pregant, and started having intense contractions on Wednesday night. Last night the meds stopped working, but she is still holding out. Pray that the Dr.'s can stop the contractions, and the Faith will remain inside as long as possible. They have a 2 year old, and had a baby die at birth this past January.

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