Tuesday, August 26, 2008

and the storm rages on

I am going to get blood work and a mammogram later this week, as I am starting to show signs of breast cancer. My mom, grandmother, and great aunt all had breast cancer, so I am at a higher risk.

My tube feedings are coming along. I still am only getting 2-3 cans of formula a day, but if I can stay up with only eating bland foods, then I can get my calories from both formula and food. My mother told me something the other day that finally made everything sink in. She said, " eating only makes it worse." She is right. Me eating "real" foods only makes my body sicker and in more pain. So, back to bland we go.

Tonight is community group and I haven't been in 6 weeks. I called the leader of the group this afternoon and asked if he would be willing to lead the group in a laying of the hands prayer time for me and he said yes. My community group has been there for me these past few months. Some of the girls have visited me in the hospital, and some of the guys have come to my house to fix somethings that were broken. I know that they have been praying for me, but I feel the need and desire for them to pray over me. They are my only connection to church right now and without them I am so lonely.

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