Monday, August 25, 2008

Busy week ahead

This week is going to be a busy one, and I hope that I have enough strength to stay up.
Today was the first day that I got out of the house by myself. I went to HEB to get a few things, and came home and crashed. Tomorrow I have a post surgery check-up, Wednesday I have talk theraphy, and Friday - Sunday is a family reunion. I think that the thing I am dreading the most is spending all weekend with my family. I have a rather large family. There is about 40 of us. Including my mom, there are 5 kids; including me there are 15 cousins, in which I am the youngest; and there are 10 2nd cousins. Some of my family still treats me like the baby of the family too, even though I am 27.
I haven't decided to take my feeding stuff to the reunion, but if I am spending all day and all weekend at my aunt's house then I take everything or else I don't do my feeds for 3 days. But, on the other hand I am worried that if I do take everything that more of my family will treat me like I can't do anything for myself, and I can. I am fully mobile on my pump, it just takes alot of room for me to move around.
I am having alot of problems with my pump and the bags the formula goes in. Please pray that the medical supply company can rent me the portable pump. They don't normally do that, but the lady we are talking with is going to try and make an exception for me.
The rest of the bandages fell off last night and I finally got a look at my inscicion. It looks good, but different. This is the 3rd time this scar has been used, and it probably won't be the last.
One of the stitches holding the tube in place is very close to breaking off, and that is causing the outside of my tube to become swollen. We are having a lot of trouble with the tube and I am afraid I will have to get a new one.
I am, everyday getting to be in better spirits; it is just taking a while.

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