Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Surgery Date

My appt. with the neurosurgeon went great!! He was really nice, answered all of my questions, and really understood where I am coming from.

I will be having surgery on April 22nd..

The surgery will take about 2 hrs and I will be kept overnight. The recovery time is about 2 weeks.

After my recovery period, I will start weaning off the heavy duty pain meds, but I will not be off them 100%. If I can get off my patches and lower on the pills, I will be okay with that. I will be able to feel things in my abdomen, but will no longer have the chronic pain.

The only odd thing is that my battery pack (which will be inserted under the right hip) is non-rechargable, which means that every 3 years or so I will have to have surgery to change out the battery.

I'm so excited and so ready to have this done. As my mother told the Dr., the last 2 years have been HELL for me, but after this surgery I will be able to get some of my life back and start living again, instead of existing.

Thank you so much for praying for me,

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