Monday, November 30, 2009

ER trip Round 2

Yesterday, Sunday, I spent about 5 hrs in the ER. I have been in much more increased pain, especially when eating and trying to do tube feeds. Since I went to the ER at 4am, there wasn't a wait and I got into a room almost immediatly. I was also at this same ER 10 days ago, for what I thought was a different problem, but by the time I was released I realized both trips were for the same issue.
The Dr. did a radiograph, which means I had some really thick dye inserted into my tube to see if maybe I had a leak in my tube. Good news is no leak. Bad news is that my bowels are about 9-10 ft backed up. I didn't think that was the problem since I have been on extra fiber and pills to help regulate my bowels (and I thought they were working) since my 1st visit 10 days ago, but I was so wrong. The extra pain that I am having is because anytime I eat anything there is nowhere for the food to go since I am so backed up. So, tomorrow I will be starting a drink that is normaly given to patients who are about to have a colonoscopy. Luckily, I will not have to actually drink it, but I can put it through my tube. I have to have atleast 3 liters (think of the 3 liter bottles of coke) to have any chance to completly empty my bowels. But, because of my ongoing gastro issues, there is a higher chance that I will have more side effects from drinking/ pushing this stuff.
Please pray that this stuff will work, and I won't have any or many side effects from it.
Also, while I was in the ER, I asked for some extra pain meds, and they gave me a lollipop version on the pain med I am currently on. They called it "pain med on a stick". It was a much higher version than what I am currently on, but after eating/licking it, I was totally pain free for 24 hrs. It also completly knocked me out and I slept for almost 16 hrs. I am glad they gave it to me, because after having both nerve blocks and nerve ablaton fail, I didn't know that my current pain med came in a different form or a higher dose.
I am going to see my pain Dr. next week to ask him where I go from here. With the failed injections and the pain getting worse, (not from this issue) I want to discuss my options about my pain care, and after having that extra pain pop I know that there are additional meds that I can try.
Please also be in prayer that I can remain healthy. I have been feeling more sick recently, and I feel that I am coming down with an upper respiratory infection or pneoumnia. I have the all the symptoms of both, but there is nothing I can take until I become sicker or start running a fever.

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I am praying for you Emily and hope that you will be better or getting better soon. I've had to take the prep drink for an endoscopy and it's yucky so great for you that you have an advantage of not having to actually taste it but I hope that you don't have extra side effects. Once again praying and thinking of you. Hope all is well! said...

Merry Christmas, Emily. I pray that you are doing better.

Hang in there!