Sunday, August 9, 2009

New Family Member & Prayer Requests

First off, a new family member was added to my household on Wednesday.

Meet Cleo:

Cleo is my new 8 - 10 week old kitten. She was found abandoned by some friends of my cousin on Tuesday and I went to pick her up on Wednesday night and she has been a ball of energy ever since. My mom thought that getting a new kitten would give me something to do during the day and keep me out of bed and my mind on other things. She is used to being around other animals, but my dog & cat are not used to being around other animals. But, Cleo has stormed her way into the house is is slowly making friends with Missy (my 13 yr old cat) and Zena ( my 4 yr old dog). Zena is doing better today with her. Cleo likes to go into my room and get onto my bed and sleep on me, and as long as Cleo is still Zena will tolerate her, but the moment Cleo moves around Zena gets into her stance and watches everything and every movement Cleo does. Zena is a border collie who likes to stare at and try to "eat" anything that is smaller than her and moves. Getting a new pet was not a planned thing, but it happened.
Anyone have any ideas on how to get Zena and Cleo to get along better?
Now on to some prayer requests:
1. A family that lives in Houston gave birth to sextuplets (6 babies) on Tuesday, 17 weeks early. So, they were born at about 23 weeks, which for that many multiples is VERY early. 4 girls and 2 boys. One of the boys died Thursday night and one of the girls died early Saturday morning. Please pray for the Stansel Family and the 4 remaining babies : Rachel, Haley, Ashlyn, and Braden. They have all already had heart surgery to close a hole in their hearts, known as a PDA.
2. A friend of mine is having some personal issues. Her son, Gavin, has a very rare medical condition and summer is the worst time of year for him and his medical issues. She is also having some medical problems, along with financial troubles that stem from her son's health problems and frequent hospitalizations and ER trips. I know from experience what she and her family are going through. Please keep her in your prayers as she goes through this difficult time.

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Mary said...

Congrats on the new addition. She is very cute. I am of no help on how to get Cleo and Zena to get along. I only have two cats. I hope you find a solution soon.

I am praying along with you on the Stansel family. I am sure it is hard for them to grieve properly while they worry about the other babies.