Monday, May 11, 2009

Dakota and Me

First, I want to ask all my prayer warriors to pray for Dakota. She is still in the hospital, and has been moving between a normal floor and the PICU. She developed a blood clot in one of her iv's and she is STILL battaling the same infections that she has been for 8 weeks now.
I know she is tired from the hospital and that her parents, expecially mom is completly worn out. Her mom has stayed by her side, even sleeping on the couch for the past 8 weeks.
Please pray for this family. I don't know what more to ask to pray for that hasn't already been asked, but I know that the Holy Spirit interceeds on our behalf.

My site looks great. The best the surgeon has ever seen.
no NEW surgery this week, but I have to make a BIG decision about my feeding tube. My surgeon said this: " you can pick the size and kind you want to have put in." Like I really want to go 'shopping' for a new feeding tube. Uh NO!!

Second, I am going to an appt. this afternoon to see MY surgeon. I'm a bit nervous, and have already packed an overnite bag, just in case he orders surgery for tonight. My tube is too big for me and the hole, so the tube is starting to be rejected by my body. It doesn't look pretty, and smells even worse. I can't touch it without intense pain, and taking tube feeds is WAY out of the question. I know it is infected because the Dr.'s at one hospital did a culture and it came back positive for a staph infection. But, the Dr.'s at the hospital that I was at last week didn't believe them and thus didn't order any anti- biotics.
Last night I slept horrible, today I am really not feeling well and need to take my meds, but can't drive while I'm on them.
If I don't update tonight, it is because I am in the hospital.
Please pray for peace for me and that all the right things will be done today and the Dr. will make the right choices concerning my care.

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