Sunday, May 31, 2009


I am offically addicted to Starbucks.

I gave up my normal drink: an iced sweetened passion tea lemonade,

for a de-caf caramel frappichino.

I went into Starbucks a few weeks ago like I always do on my way to church and they were advertising for the carmael Frap., that day I wasn't brave enough to to it, but it looked tempting. I went back the next day and tried it and I am now hooked.
I know that the Frap. has been around for ever, but I have NEVER been a coffee drinker...until now. I still won't drink it straight up, but will if it's mixed in a drink.
Unfortunely for me there are 7 Starbucks within a 10 miles (or less),
but fortunely for me,
my gym is less than a mile from my house, aad I have started working out a bit more.

You may ask "why de-caf" ? Well, I started seeing a new Dr. and one of the things he said I had to stop using was caffine. No cokes, sodas, chocolate, no choclate cookies, no oreos, no cookie dough ice cream, no drumsticks... NOTHING with caffine. Something about caffine alters the brain and makes a person's mood more unstable.
I've done well, better that I expected. I haven't had any chocolate candy or cookies in 2 weeks. I had a small coke last night, because I needed the cafiine to keep me awake. I was starting to fall asleep at 6:45pm.

I will update about my hospital stay and big changes that lay head later today.

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mommaof4wife2r said...

we r now friends...anyone who loves coffee enough to blog, is def my bud!!!