Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I woke up this morning to find a message on my twitter page about a friend of mine's baby girl - Kayleigh . I know that I have written about her before. She is a micro-preemie (weighed 1lb 1oz @birth). She's been in the NICU since her birth, almost 10 months ago. She is the baby who had a huge abdominal surgery last week, very similar to what I have had done. She had a g-tube put in, had a fundoplication, and had 2 hernia's removed. This surgery was the last "big" thing that needed to happen before she could be discharged. Things were progressing the way they should be after surgery until about 36-48 hrs ago. But it appears that something has gone very "wrong" in the past few days. It is believed that Kayleigh may have had a stroke and that she is now brain dead.
I know that I will never be able to feel what her parents are feeling now, but I have personally spoken/ written/ typed (whatever) with her father several times, and I have seen that each time Kayleigh comes close to death, God provides a miracle and she fights to live on. I know that her short time on earth has been for nothing.
Please join me, and my other blogging friends in praying for Kayleigh. This baby, more importantly this family has touched so many people on their journey these past 10 mts. this wasn't suppose to happen.
There is a prayer button to the left of this post that will take you directly to her page, but since word of this has gotten around, it is VERY hard to get onto her page. The link above (her name) might work, but feel free to leave comments on my blog and I will pass them on to her father.

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