Monday, March 23, 2009

URGENT prayers needed for Stellan

I know that I've mentioned Stellan before. He was the little baby, who in his moma's tummy was said to have SVT( an irregularly fast heartbeat). Thousands around the blogging community and the world started praying for him and a miracle happened. The SVT went away, and Stellan was healed. At his birth the Dr.'s were prepared for the worst to happen. It NEVER did, and Stellan was born happy and healthy.
***SVT is Fatal in anyone, if the Dr.'s can't get the heartrate down quickly***

Well, as of last night, he is in Children's Hospital and he is in SERIOUS condition. His SVT is back and his heart is beating is 300 bpm. In the ER last night the Dr.'s were trying anything and everything they could think of to help him... nothing worked. He is sedated, and is probably intubated by now to help him have a chance to calm his body down and let the tube breathe for him.

This afternoon, thousands around the blogging community and world are praying for another miracle. Pleae keep Stellan in your prayers. Please also pray for his mom: MckMama, as she is up there with him, running on no sleep, while her husband is at home with their other children who are also sick.

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