Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Update on Abby

Abby is still in the hospital, but is getting better.
Below are specific prayer requests (from her mom) on how best to pray for Abby:

Thank God her sores are healing.
Thank God for the pain relief and pray she continues to not feel any pain.
Thank God for the wonderful care she has received from the nurses and doctors.
Her sores would heal quickly.
She would remain cancer free.
That Abby would not get any infection, while her white cells are so low.
Abby would be able to smile, laugh and continue to be a kid.
Please also pray for our other children, while Abby is at the hospital.
Pray also that Brent (Abby's dad) would be able to get his work done without missing too much sleep.
Please pray for Brent's health. He works very hard to take care of us, but often pays a hefty price physically.

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