Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Surgery News

After spending almost 3 hours waiting to see the Dr. this afternoon. ( my appt. was suppose to be at 3:30pm, and I saw the Dr. at 6:15pm), he has decided to wait to do any surgery this week. I am totally bummed.
He is going to consult my Gastro Dr. first to see just how bad my gallbladder is. He doesn't know what, if anything will be done about my feeding tube.
And the surgery to fix my stomach issues is NOT done in my hometown. I will either go to Dallas or Houston to have a "gastric neurotransmitter- or pacemaker" inserted into my stomach. The pacemaker will send signals to the nerves to tell them to work again. Just like a pacemaker for the heart. This surgery is very new, and there aren't any surgeons in my hometown that do it. But, my surgeon is going to call his friends in both cities to see who wants to take my case.

Thank you for continuing to praying, and I will keep you updated about a surgery date.


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