Thursday, October 2, 2008

Urgent Prayer Update

After speaking with the nurse we have decided for me to increase my morphine dose, put on a fentanyl pain patch, and wait and see what happens.

I have called my GI Dr.'s nurse and spoken to her this morning and waiting to hear back from her concerning my pain and swelling.
My abdomen has been swollen, hard, and very much in pain since Monday. Eating and tube feeding only makes the pain worse. I have been taking 1ml of morphine every 4-6 hours and it is starting to not work and I'm having really bad side effects from it. Since I am allergic to most every other type of pain meds, the next and last step is to be admitted to the hospital, put in ICU/IMC and given fentanyl. I think I am headed that way very quickly.
My tube site is looking and feeling bad as well. One of the 2 stitches came out a few nights ago, so now the tube is literally hanging on by a thread.
And in my weakened state I am starting to feel like I am getting an upper respiratory infection, as I have started having signs that one is coming on.
When I went to the GI doctor 2 weeks ago, he said that if I got to the place I'm at now, to go the ER and pray that someone can do something.
Please pray that will be the case.

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