Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Pain has returned...prayers needed

Last night was a really rough night. I started experiencing extreme pain in my esophagus after I had gone to bed, so I got up and took some morphine, and waited almost a hour before it took effect. I think that the last time I looked at the clock it was well after 2am. This morning when I tried to eat something I felt it getting stuck again, and not going down. All of this to say that it can only mean one thing: the botox is wearing off again, and tube feeds are not far behind.
The only "fix" for my esophageal dismotility is the botox injection that I got in July into my esophagus. We know that it didn't take immediatly like it did in 2006, so I don't know how much actually got taken in and is working.
My pain was actually gone for a whole week, and I loved it. I felt that I was living life again, and wasn't being held behind because I was always in pain.
I am running low on my morphine ( I take it in liquid form straight into the med. port on my tube, so it gets into my system twice as fast).
I am desperatly trying to find a pain management Dr. that will work with me and not try new things, since I am allergic to most of the pain meds.
Please pray that the pain will stop and that I can find a Dr. that will work with me.

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