Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ike Watch Day 2

Ike passed us just to the east. Until this afternoon, it has been very cloudy and windy, with some strong gusts. No rain at all.
My brother and family made it OK, and their house has tree damage and no power.
My family is working on a plan to bring them to the Austin area or to Sealy where my grandfather's house is ( he passed away in March of 2008).

I have some awesome pictures that I have been collecting from different websites that I will post tomorrow.
I am not feeling well today and my stomach is having major issues. I will post the issues with my stomach tommorrow. I have had no tube feeds in 4 days due to extreme pain, abdomianl distention, and abdomanal hardness. I'm going to the GI doctor next week to see what is going on. I'll explain everything tomorrow.

That's all for now, and all I can ask is to pray for the people of Texas, because the whole state will be reeling from this for weeks and months.

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