Friday, September 12, 2008

Ike Watch Day 2

Today has been am interesting day. Austin has gotten 25,000 evacuees in the past 24 hours. All of the schools were closed early, because most of the 12 high schools and 50+ middle schools are being used as shelters. The Red Cross is asking for volunteers ( 400 needed today alone), and I can't go because of my illness. I volunteered for 2 weeks after Katrina hit at the local shelter, and I can't do anything but pray this time.

I went to Target this afternoon, and that was the busiest that I have ever seen it. There is a shelter not far away, that alot of people came to Target to get basic supplies. I then tried to find gas because I was on empty. I drove by 8 stations, before finally stopping. Some of the stations were completly out of gas and some of the stations had 5-7 cars in each line. I wasn't going to wait. The 9th station was "cheap" and had no wait.

I finally made it home, and have been watching tv ever since.

I have recieved word that my half-brother, his wife and 2 girls have decided to stay in their Galveston area home, and not heed evacuation warnings. I am worried and puzzled at why he would do this, and am praying that he and his family survives.

This is what Ike looks like today:

Austin is only suppose to experience rain, high winds and possible tornadoes. Depending on how bad Ike hits and how bad the damages are depends on how long evacuees stay in Austin. Maybe be days or weeks.

As I was browsing through pictures I came across the following one. Below the picture is their comment about Ike. All I can say is to pray for these 2 men.
David Rojas and Jose Morales of Houston are pummled with a wave as Hurricane Ike makes its way toward the Galveston coast. We've got a survival kit and it includes, beer, beer and liquor," Rojas said laughing.
Please keep all of the people on Texas and Southern Louisiana coasts in your prayers. Keep all the evacuees, workers, emergency personal, people in the inland cities that will be affected, etc. in your prayers.

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