Wednesday, January 9, 2008

mystery solved

Well, I had another allergic reaction early yesterday morning (like 6am). But now I know what I am allergic to: ibuprofen. I had taken 2 motrin at 4am because my knee and leg were hurting. Within 1 hour my face swelled up, I broke out in hives, and my throat started swelling close. I got up and took 2 of my anti-itching pills and 3 benadryl. That kinda helped but not really. Then when I got home at 9 that morning I took 2 more motrin because my knee was still hurting. But when I had the bottle in my hand something caught my eye at the bottom of the bottle it said: " a severe allergic reaction includes the following: hives, swelling of face and throat, and shock. ) Well, I had 2 of 3 so I figure I am allergic to it. Also, I had take ibuprofen that day back in December because I had a migrane, and within a few hours my face was swollen and I took that trip to the ER. But I have taken it before so I don't know what is different. I'm just glad to know what it was and I will add it to the last of drugs I am allergic to.

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