Sunday, January 6, 2008

My New Year's Eve

Monday night (New Year's Eve) I had my night nanny job for the 4 week old.
Now, a little background on the job. I started when he was 3 days old. His mom is the type of person who doesn't function without sleep, I completly understand. I took a week off due to my car accident and it being Christmas. Well, before I left he started to throw up after he would eat his bottles. Not spit up, all out throw up. Now, I can't throw up, never have been and never will be (more on that at a later date), so to me a lot of throw up looks gross. But his, mom said that he was throwing up half his bottles (1-3 hrs after he ate), I told her that's not normal and to talk to the peed about it at his next check up. She did and said that the Dr said it was just spit up and to change his bottles. She did all that and he was fine... for 1 week. Last Thursday night he started throwing up again. Monday night he threw up 3 times in the 13 hours I was there, bad enough each to time to require a bath. During one of his bath's I felt a lump in his stomach but thought nothing of it, since his cord had just fallen off. Tuesday morning I stayed late and the mom and I talk and she asked for my professional opinion (with me being a professional nanny, and she repeatdly says that I have more experience and time with children then she does), so I told her that I thought the Dr. was wrong and she should go back and tell the peed that he is throwing up, NOT spitting up. I thought it was acid reflux and he need to get on some meds. I also thought that he was getting dehydrated because he had been throwing up so much and he had a real restless night the night before. Well, she got to thinking about it and called the Medical Exchange which called the peed on call. When the mom and the peed talked the peed told her if she thought he was dehydrated to take him into the children's ER. Well, she did that and then did some tests, and on the x-rays it was discovered that he had a blockage in between in stomach and large intestine.!!! They immediatly prepped him for surgery and went in to remove it. When I found this out I was shocked!!! I never thought that it would be that bad. The baby came home the next day, and is doing great. His mom kept saying that I was right and that she is so glad that she listened to me. I just told her what I knew from my own personal experiences that her baby was ill.

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